Construction of part of Corridor X, Highway E-75 Section from Srpska Kuca to Donji Neradovac of a length of 7.950 m, a full profile motorway with a design speed of 120 km/h. The highway includes two carriageways 10,7 m wide with medium green zone of 4m wide and two shoulders of 1m (total wide of 27,40 m). The project includes road construction works for highway and local roads; construction of bridges, overpasses and culverts; water stream regulations, drainage and landscaping works, electrical and lighting works, traffic signalization and redirection and telecommunication works.

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Construction of 28.2 km of new dual carriageway, including two twin tunnels of a total length of 4.5 km, 6 major river bridges/viaducts, 2 interchanges and 12 overpasses/underpasses, as part of the Pan-European Transport Network.

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The route Lot 4 of the Highway "Struma" is 15 km long and the design speed of 120 km / hour. Starts from km 423 +500 in Sandanski, following a phased relationship at km 424 +100, additional connections to the villages and New Delchevo Damyanica junction Petrich - Melnik type "poludetelina" at km 425 +180, Class II junction at km 431 + 200 at the intersection with the municipal road to the village of General Todorov and Novo Konomladi. e of lot 4 part of the Struma Motoraway from Sandanski to Kulata is with a length of 14,7 km.

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Tirana-Elbasan Motorway is a dual carriageway, with two lanes of traffic in each direction and includes reinforced and unreinforced trenches and embankments, small and large engineering infrastructure works, 3 Bridges, 3 interchanges as well as secondary road network for the connection of the motorway to the local road network.

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