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Globalis is one of the leading independent Insurance and Reinsurance brokers in Greece. It is the evolution of the 40 year vision of Antonis Gavrilis and his family. Our aim is to provide focused and highly specialized services to clients in need of a dedicated team of experts. A team to support and advise them for every aspect of their personal and professional exposure to any type of risk.

Globalis has access to an extensive network of Underwriters around the world. We are committed to providing broader types of cover in special lines of Insurance.

Having placed and managed great risks in many different territories, our clients can rest assured that Globalis is familiar with the particular conditions and requirements of a diversified world Insurance Market.


Globalis A.E. Insurance Brokers was founded by the family of Antonis Gavrilis (N. GAVRILIS & SIA EE), which operates successfully and has been established in the field of insurance mediation for over 30 years.

The experience gained through collaborations with most insurance companies operating in Greece, but also with reinsurance markets abroad, is utilized by the experienced executives of Globalis.


Faith in the power of cooperation, commitment to synergies and the promise of building long-term relationships of trust are the values on which we build our vision.


Globalis is an ideal partner for Corporate clients who seek:

  • An Insurance advisor who will undertake every aspect of their Insurance needs. From placement to compensation, we are making our clients confident that all matters related to Insurance will be handled with their minimum input and with maximum professionalism.
  • A guide to obtain comprehensive pre-risk evaluation. Our highly specialized team of engineers, lawyers, actuaries and brokers will assist you in understanding the magnitude of your exposure to professional risks and the optimal way to protect you against them.
  • A fully experienced Insurance expert to negotiate with Lenders and State Insurance advisors on their behalf. As we also serve as brokers for Banks, we are greatly familiar with their requirements and how to accommodate the final placement of complicated Insurance Programmes.
  • A strong and dedicated claims team. With over 40 years of claims handling, Globalis guarantees the most effective managent of events that give rise to compensation.


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    Globalis is the only Greek broker with such an extensive portfolio of major infrastructure risks including national motorways, Metro Lines, Power and Waste management plants and renewable energy projects. For an indicative list of the risks Insured please see here: Projects in Greece.

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    We are greatly familiar with the Insurance cover of risks such as, museums, stadiums, power plants, operational road networks, solar and wind farms.

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    We place a broad list of Insurance products against Third Party exposures such as Directors and Officers Liability (D&O), Professional Liability for various types of Trades (Architects, Ship repairers, surveyors, software developers, project operators, lawyers and others), Liability from Cyber attacks, Environmental Liability, Protection and Indemnity (P&I - to protect ship owners against liability claims from crew, passengers and third parties).

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    Marine Insurance

    We are specialized in the Insurance of vessels used for off-shore construction projects (Cranes, Dam barges, Tug Boats, Caisson - floating dock) and passenger boats.

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    Political Risks

    These products refer to the protection of our clients and their business from risks directly associated with a sudden aggravation of Trade and Civil legislation in countries where they have established business activities.


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