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    Our extensive experience from arranging the insurance over 200 infrastructure related projects guarantees that our clients will always receive outstanding service.

    Our services expand to encompass risk management and consultancy on health and safety on site.

    Attiki Odos: Here are some of the most prestigious infrastructure projects we have insured: See

    • Road pavement sensors
    • Carbon monoxide measurement systems installed in tunnels
    • TETRA system for communication with the patrol units
    • Electronic variable message signs
    • Automatic tunnel ventilation systems
  • Egnatia Odos

    Egnatia Odos

    The Egnatia Motorway crosses the Regions of Epirus, Macedonia and Thrace starting from the Igoumenitsa Port, which provides links by boat to Italy, and ending to Kipi in Evros (Greek-Turkish borders).

    On a national level, the Egnatia Motorway will increase investments in sectors like transport (e.g. new freight centers), industry and tourism. It will play an important role as a major development axis in Northern Greece.

    • Egnatia Odos 1
    • Egnatia Odos 2
    • Egnatia Odos 3
  • Moreas Motorway

    Moreas Motorway

    The Moreas Motorway, spanning in a total 205 klm (Korinthos - Tripoli - Kalamata and the Lefktro – Sparta section), is part of the second phase of the modernization of the country's strategic road network.

    • Moreas Motorway 1
    • Moreas Motorway 2
    • Moreas Motorway 3
  • Motorway and Railway in Kakia Skala

    Motorway and Railway in Kakia Skala

    A modern and safe motorway measuring 7.5km and equipped with three lanes, as well as an emergency lane in both directions. It connects Athens with Korinthos (Northern Peloponnese). It is noted that the motorway’s tunnels hold the European record of being the widest.

    • Motorway 1
    • Motorway 2
    • Motorway 3
  • Metro and Underground

    Metro and Underground

    Underground works is always a challenging construction activity. Our clients have been involved for the most parts of the overall Metro plan for the city of Athens and Thessaloniki. We have assisted our clients obtaining the necessary insurances covering adequately all related risks and exposures.

    Globalis has arranged the insurance for the following projects: see

  • Thessaloniki Metro

    Thessaloniki Metro

    This 9.5 klm of Line (with two independent single track tunnels) is constructed mostly (8 km) by means of two Tunnel Boring Machines. It includes 13 modern center platform stations and 18 ultra-automatic trains, fully air-conditioned, which will be run without a train driver, with an attendant aboard the train.


  • Thessaloniki Metro – Extension to Kalamaria

    Thessaloniki Metro – Extension to Kalamaria

    The completion of the project is expected to accommodate the transportation needs of over 65.000 passengers in the second biggest city of Greece.

  • Athens Metro Extension of Lines 2 & 3

    Athens Metro Extension of Lines 2 & 3

    The longest and most important extensions connecting densely populated areas of the capital city have been insured through us .

    • Line 2: Agios Dimitrios to Elliniko
    • Line 3: Monastirion to Egaleo and Ethniki Amyna to Doukisis Plakentias
    • Metro extension 1
    • Metro extension 2
    • Metro extension 3
  • National Railway Works

  • Kallidromon Mountain Tunnel

    Kallidromon Mountain Tunnel

    The Kallidromom tunnel comprises two sub tunnels each with a length of 18 klm long with bridges of 506 meters total length. The project value was approximately 350 million Euro.

    A complicated tunnel project with many challenges which took 16 years to be completed is now fully operational and a landmark construction.

    • Kallidromon1 1
    • Kallidromon1 2
  • Panagopoula Railway Tunnel

    Panagopoula Railway Tunnel

    The project pertains to the construction of the infrastructure for a 21.5 km section of the new high-speed rail line and all related railway and road works, bridges and underpasses. It also includes construction of the 4.5km-long Panagopoula twin tunnel with connecting shafts and a 0.55 km-long access tunnel.

    • Panagopoula 1
    • Panagopoula 2
    • Panagopoula 3
  • Tempi Railway Tunnel

    Tempi Railway Tunnel

    The 5 Klm-long Tempi tunnel is of great importance for the country. Its completion will significantly reduce travel time between Athens and Thessaloniki by rail. It constitutes one of the main infrastructure projects in the Greek Railways Organization's (OSE) new double high-speed Athens-Thessaloniki railway line.

  • Buildings and Cultural Construction Developments (CCD)

  • Waste Management and Waste Water Treatment Plants

    Waste Management and Waste Water Treatment Plants

    N. Gavrilis & Co has acquired extensive and valuable experience through its clients’ participation in various waste management and waste water treatment plants including but not limited to the construction of:

  • Energy Insurance

    Energy Insurance

    Our company has been involved with the insurance, reinsurance and claims handling of two prestigious energy projects, these are:

    Our company has also become the Insurance intermediary for the cover of some of the most important risks falling within the category of Energy and Development. The most important ones are:

  • Optical Fibre and Electric Power

    Optical Fibre and Electric Power

    Underwater cables installation connecting the Greek islands or mainland with other islands. Some of the most important risks of this category include the connection between the islands of Kos and Kalimnos and the network between Cephalonia, Zante and the city of Preveza in north western Greece.

    In Collaboration with various entities and contractors we have arranged insurance for various Photovoltaic and Wind power projects in many areas across Greece.

    • Photovoltaic
      • 2,49 ΜwP in the area of Volos
      • 5 ΜwP in the area of Ag. Theodori
      • 1.0175 ΜwP in the area of Orestiada
      • 5.33 ΜwP in the area of ILIA
      • 4.1 ΜwP in the area of Andradida
      • 1.384 ΜwP in the area of Faridos
      • 1.986 ΜwP in the area of Karies
      • 4.49 ΜwP in the area of Viotia
      • 5 ΜwP in the area of Arta
      • 0.876 ΜwP in the area of Kalo Nero
      • 1.98 ΜwP in the area of ILIA
      • 1.90 ΜwP in the area of Xanthi
      • 1.50 ΜwP in the area of Almiros
      • And many more
      • photovoltaic 1
    • Wind Plants
      • 32.2 MW in the island of Kefallinia
      • 15.3 MW in the area of Vromosikia
      • 7.65 MW in the island of Lesvos
      • 6.30 MW in the area of Madera (Lesvos)
      • 4.20 MW in the island of Lesvos
      • 23.0 MW in the area of Magoula (Evros)
      • 1.20 MW in the area of Kalyvia (Evias)
      • 23.0 MW in the area of Argolida
      • 2.00 MW in the area of Argos
      • 4.95 MW in the area of Grevena
      • 20.0 MW in the area of Trizinas
      • 4.80 MW in the area of Lesvos
      • 13.6 MW in the area of Monolati
      • And many more
      • Wind plants 1

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